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Constant Temperature humidity test chamber

Product Description Temperature humidity test chamber (different size and temperature range customization) 1.LCD touch screen  2.Inner material:SUS#304  3.Tato controller, with...

Lab Vacuum Drying oven

Application:   Lab Vacuum Drying oven is used for drying and heating test in vacuum condition of objects in scientific research units, specialty universities, industrial a...

UV Lamp Tester

UV Aging Chamber in Testing Machine Characteristics: 1.The ultraviolet aging tester is designed according to uses’ operation , it’s easy to operate, safe and ...

PCT High Pressure Aging Chamber

PCT 1. Imported high-temperature solenoid valve dual structure, which extent reduced the use of failure rate mostly; 2. Independent steam chamber, to avoid direct impact ...

Melt Flow Indexer

Melt Flow Indexer is used for measuring a variety of plastics, resins during viscous flow condition under a certain temperature and load, to get MFR value per 10min by ...

Steam Aging Test Chamber

Steam Aging Test Equipment is used to test and determine oxidation, fatigue aging, performance degradation, corrosion test of Electronic products, electronic appliances, electroni...

Tensile Tester

The Tensile Testing Equipment is widely used in wires & cables, hardware, metal, rubber, footwear, leather, apparel, fabric, tape paper products, pharmacy and so on, for ...

Drop Rest Machine

The drop test machine is used to do the free-fall test for surface, corner, edge of packged products, with digital height indicator and height track by decoder, which c...

Environmental sand and dust test chamber

Environmental sand and dust test chamber is used for dust-proof and dust resistance experiments for various automobile parts, also include lights, instrumentation, safety be...

Simulated transport vibration table

Simulated transport vibration table is mainly simulated goods in the car for transport, encountered different road conditions such as: bumps, uphill, downhill, turn, etc.; ...

Industrial Oven

Application: High-temperature oven is a piece of requisite test equipment for aerospace, automotive, home appliances, research and equipment, and other fields. It’s u...

Rain spray test chamber

Product Description The Rain spray test chamber is mainly used to simulate the lamps in the rain, to assess the ability of the lamp against water penetration through th...

Thermal Shock Test Chamberis

Product Description 1.Description: Thermal Shock Test Chamberis used to test the bearing extent of the material structures and composite material in an instant and contin...

UV Accelerator Age Test Chamber

Product Description Describe: directly exposed to the sun in the shipping container, some materials, like rubber & shoes, may fade, discolor, and age. AndUV aging test ...

Xenon Accelerated Aging Tester

Product Description 1) Xenon Accelerated Aging Tester is to test the product undergone illumination / rain condensation / temperature / humidity / any other climatic change...

Salt Spray Chamber

  Product Description 1.Description: Salt Spray Chamber applies to the surface treatment of various materials, including paint, electroplating, organic and inorganic coa...


The Service Support Dept from Nopassy Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. offers complete engineering and technical support, prompt emergency service, remote installation, remote maintenance services and more. We are located across the China HQ and globally with over 20 technical engineers so we are always here and support you in time !
Service is available for all Nopassy Temperature humidity testing equipment as well as most other chamber makes and models. Our Services Include :

 ● 24/ 7 Service Helpline by Conference Online
 ● Preventive Maintenance Programs
 ● Chamber Start Up, Installations
 ● Technical Support & Emergency Service
 ● Spare Parts & Materials Resource
 ● Chamber Diagnostics, Troubleshooting and Evaluations
 ● Equipment Upgrades and Retrofits
 ● Training online on Proper Equipment Use and Programming
 ● Rental Programs/Used Equipment
Nopassy Environmental testing is a process of subjecting a test specimen to various temperature and humidity conditions in order to determine the effect of these conditions on the test specimen. Often, this conditioning is conducted prior to other tests such as mechanical or package performance testing in order that the test specimen be exposed to a full range of potentially harmful temperature and humidity levels.
The testing is conducted in an environmental chamber designed to maintain tight controls over both temperature and humidity as well as the rates at which these quantities are changed. The test levels chosen and the rate of change between these levels are typical of what might be encountered during an extreme distribution cycle, for example, or storage for an extended period of time.
Nopassy Environmental Test Chambers, It is critical for manufacturers to locate product flaws before their product reaches the market. By testing your product in an environmental chamber you can:
● Reduce Product Development Time
● Increase Customer Confidence
● Ensure Product Quality Reliability
● Forecast & Life Expectancy
● Increase Profitability
● Reduce The After Sales Services
With an operational area of 8,000 square meters, Nopassy Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. has a registered capital of more than 10 million Chinese Yuan. It owns independent intellectual property rights, a number of technology development patents, and brands registered such as NOPASSY. With world’s prospect demand for environmental test equipment requirements, Nopassy Environmental Chambers is one of the enterprises possessing the strongest developmental capability, the greatest technological strength, and the most complete equipment.
Nopassy Environmental Chambers are used for various types of testing such as prototype evaluation, research & development testing, production testing, accelerated stress testing, reliability testing, failure analysis, and any other application where environmental simulation is needed. For more information on our products, please contact and email us.
The purpose of Nopassy environmental chambers is trying to simulate virtually any type of environmental condition such as temperature, humidity, altitude, vibration, solar, wind & rain, dust, etc. Test chambers are available from 1.5 cubic foot of interior workspace and up with temperature range capabilities of -70°C (-130°F) for cold chambers all the way to 180°C (300°F) for the extreme high temperature conditions. All chambers contain stainless steel interior with a powder-coated exterior finish.